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Dogs at the Beach for Walton County Residents

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Living beach-side is a lifelong dream of countless individuals. It's easy to imagine getting dinner at the boardwalk and then taking a relaxing evening stroll along the beach. However, with dogs holding an ever-increasing role in the home, it's hard to imagine that dog owners would choose to live on a beach that prohibited their furry friends. Luckily for those of us who live here in Walton County, taking our pet on a beach adventure is one permit away!

While other counties, Okaloosa County for example, prohibit dogs altogether, Walton County provides an easy exception. Not only are dogs allowed on the beach (with the proper permit), but these beaches are stunning, with sugary white sand and clear waters. Each beach is beautiful and holds its own specific draw to its resident.

Santa Rosa Beach

Santa Rosa Beach is 26 miles long and is known for its fine dining, arts district, and beautiful beachside houses. This beach looks out over the waters of Choctawatchee Bay and Hogtown Bayou, a major regional fishing spot.

Miramar Beach

Sporting a panoramic view of the Gulf of Mexico, Miramar Beach is often lumped together with Destin. However, it has a differing zip code, and is part of Walton County, not Okaloosa County where Destin is. This is a major differentiation and is the reason why dogs are allowed on Miramar Beach.

Grayton Beach

Grayton Beach lies to the east of Miramar Beach and shares the Emerald Coast. White sands and crystal waters await, with fishing charters darting back and forth. Interestingly, local housing along Grayton Beach is noted to have an "eclectic architectural style" that blends modernism with traditional beach cottage aesthetics.

Rosemary Beach

A lesser known beach to tourists, Rosemary Beach lays toward the eastern end of the infamous State Road 30A. This strip of South Walton beach is home to gorgeous rentals and wedding venues, as well as year-round events.

Between these 5 amazing beaches, your family and fury friend have many adventures ahead. However, it's vital that you take the appropriate steps to secure an updated permit for your pet. All you need to do is submit the online application found on the Walton County Website, an updated rabies vaccine record, and a proof of residence.

Armed with this permit, you and your dog can roam the beach from 3:30 pm - 8:30 am, 365 days per year, exploring every corner of South Walton. Your coastal life just got 4-legs better!

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