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30a Pontoon Rental in Santa Rosa Beach offers Dolphin Cruises.   A dolphin Cruise is a great way to enjoy your vacation rental experience.  

What you will experience on your Dolphin Cruise. 

Dolphins are unique creatures.  Dolphins are not always easy to find.  They appear randomly.   However, there are areas where Dolphins frequent more often.   As a result, you will need a Captain to help you find those spots.   There are days when you see tons of Dolphins and days when they aren't as plentiful. 



-CRAB ISLAND- You can spend a few hours at Crab Island

WATER SLIDES- For another $200 you can have our double decker with water slide

BAYOUS- There are tons of beautiful homes to visit in Bayous along the Choctowatchee Bay

HOLIDAY ISLE- Holiday Isle is a great place to tour beautiful homes and boats.

SWIMMING- There are fabulous spots to pull over the pontoon rental in clear blue water and swim. 

RESTAURANTS- There are great restaurants along the way or in Destin where you can pull the boat up and enjoy the day.   Some of them include the fabulus LULU's restaurant owned by Jimmy Buffet's sister, or the incredible DEWEY DESTIN'S. 

6 or 9 HOUR

With all there is to do you may want to go with our 9 hour Dolphin Cruise experience for an additional $200.

When you book, make sure you book with a captain.  




Our pontoon rental prices were set on January of 2022.   This includes a full tank of gas for free.  However, due to the current political climate and what's happening in Ukraine, it's expected gas prices to increase.   If gas prices go up, we will charge a gas surcharge at the end of the day based on the difference in gas prices that day as compared to the prices of gas on January of 2022.  

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