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Fishing in Destin

Some of the best fishing in the world occurs right along the Florida Coast. In fact, Destin has been known to be so prolific with fish, that it was nicknamed the luckiest fishing village in the world”. It can be pretty daunting trying to fish a new area, but don’t worry, it’s pretty to catch nothing!

You have a few options to pick between before you get started: deep sea fishing or dock/shore fishing. The reason this is the first decision you need to make is that if you choose to go the deep sea fishing route, then you only need to find a boat and captain. Fishing charters provide either all the gear you need or a list of what you should pick up before you arrive at the dock.

Fishing Charters are an absolutely excellent choice and often guarantee a successful day with several major catches! Plus, there is the added thrill of the boat ride to the hot spots, as enormous engines plow through the waters, with dolphins sometimes swimming in the wake. Also, some captains will help you process your fish upon arrival back at the docks which is super helpful if you are staying at a hotel that isn’t equipped with the knives and utensils that you’ll need.

If you are interested in a fishing charter, check out Not only do they have yachts and sailboats to choose from, but they also have excellent fishing charters to get you your big catch!!

If you choose dock/beach fishing, you give yourself a lot more flexibility. You can go when you want, where you want. However, you miss out on local expertise. However, bait shops and passing locals are often more than happy to impart their best knowledge.

You’ll need to purchase, or bring with you, a relatively heavy duty pole and reel system, fitted with at least 50lb test. While you normally don’t catch quite as large fish as you would in the open sea, there are a few mammoths cruising by who just might be interested in your bait, so you’ll want to be prepared. Be sure to also grab an assortment of weights, leads, and various other accouterments so you don’t find yourself short of anything once you make your way to your spot.

Bait will be dependent on what you specifically want to target. For pompano, for instance, sand fleas are known among locals as a sure fire bait, while pin fish and shrimp are necessary to lure speckled trout in the Inshore Bay Flats. The bait shop staff should be able to point you in the right direction with regards to bait.

We also recommend a bucket, or bag of some sort, to hold your catches, plus a bag of ice to pour over them to keep them fresh in the heat. Scissors and pliers can be essential, while some enjoy also having a scale to weight each catch.

We will note that you should use discretion and common sense if you choose to target shark, especially during the day. Chumming for shark while there are people in the water is inconsiderate and dangerous. Shark fishing should be done towards evening hours, once waters clear out.

Other than that, set up a chair, stay hydrated, and relate yourself to ask a bunch of questions from well-meaning passerby’s about your bait and catches! Most dock/shore fishing is a game a patience, but you will catch fish! And it is always so exciting to see what you pull out of the waters!!

No matter if you take a fishing charter or set up a chair along a dock, you will in for a fun fishing adventure! You may not catch leviathan, but you will definitely see and catch an abundance of other fish and wildlife! Plus, any good fisherman knows, it’s not about that catching as much as it about enjoying the actual act of fishing! So good luck and happy fishing!

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