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Giant Sea Weed Blob

Updated: Mar 25, 2023


By now, most of the U.S. has heard of the giant accumulation of sea weed that is slowly floating to the Gulf of Mexico and, consequentially, the Florida Coast. While algae blooms (Sargassum, also known as June Grass) gather in large blobs every year, this 5,000 mile wide blob that is bloating between the coast of Africa and the Caribbean could be the largest collection of algae bloom... ever. Scientists predict that this bloom is migrating towards Florida and the Gulf of Mexico around July... so what does that mean for your vacation?

For starters, let's clear something up; The Giant Blob is not currently in the Destin/Santa Rosa Beach/30A area at this time. For example, consider the lay out of the Caribbean's, the Gulf of Mexico, and the geographical size, as well as shape, of Florida. The Blob has recently visited the U.S. Virgin Islands, leaving a reminder of it's presence with large deposits of rotting algae along their beaches.

Considering current trends and past algae blooms, scientist make well educated predictions on the arrival of the bloom in the Gulf of Mexico around July. However, the 30A/Destin area makes up such a tiny percentage of the entire coastline of the Gulf that it is wise to consider the actual impact of the Sargassum along our specific stretch ow water and sand. Of the 1,680 coastal miles of U.S. that lie around the Gulf of Mexico, our area (30A0) spans only 24-miles, with some of our best beaches ( Santa Rosa Beach, for example) lying within the safety of the Choctawatchee Bay. The area of 30a and Destin is tucked inside the gulf. As a result, the blob will not likely rest in our area. As you can see in this photo above, the current will likely push to the east or west of us based on the currents. This is one reason why we have such clear waters. The currents push most of this type of debris to the west or even directly to the east of us. The waters in Texas and Apalachee bay area are much different in that the waters are much darker. Notice Apilachicola. That stretch of land that extends out into the water blocks much of currents keeping our water clear. It acts much like a wall pushing debris to the east or west of us. Again, why are waters are always so clear.

All that's to say that, while Florida is predicted to be affected by the Sargassum, we can rest assured knowing that the 30A area will receive only a tiny portion, maybe none, especially within the inside of the Bay! We can't say the same for the Keys and the rest of Southern Florida, as they lie much closer to the currents entire the Gulf. This is largely the responsibility of the current patterns which push northward up from the Caribbean's and then loop in a south-eastern pattern near the Keys.

In conclusion, don't let the threat of the algae blob derail your 30A vacation plans. Account for some slightly heavier-than-usual sea grass, but otherwise, prep for an awesome beach vacation in our gorgeous waters! And keep in mind our Caribbean and more southern counter-parts who will take the brunt of the blob!

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