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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Why drive all the way to Destin or Crab Island for your pontoon rental when you can pick one up here in Santa Rosa Beach. 30a Pontoon Rental located in Santa Rosa Beach now offers 3 fabulous 150 hp tritoon boats. These pontoon rental boats have all the bells and whistles. They include the following

8 Passenger -150 hp- Tritoon- The typical pontoon rental boats in Destin are 50 hp pontoons. This is a 23 foot, 150 hp tritoon, with a lounge type set up. Super fun for parties of 8. You can also tube behind this boat.

12 Passenger-150 hp tritoons- These pontoon rental boats are no ordinary pontoons. These pontoons are 28 foott, 150 hp, tritoons. Although these motors are 150 hp, they actually more like a 200 hp motor.

12 Pasenger Double Decker- 150 hp- Tritoons with Water Slides- These pontoon rental boats in Santa Rosa Beach are the ultimate in fun. Double your fun on our double decker pontoon boat with slide. These are $75,000 premium pontoons.

Check out or for more info.

Add ons...

30a Pontoon Rental in Santa Rosa Beach offers floating pads, yolo boards (paddle boards), tubes, and coolers.

-TUBES- Pontoon rental guests are allowed to go tubing with our 8 passenger pontoon rental boats. The tubes are two person tubes.

-YOLO BOARDS- Why not have some fun on paddle boards while you are at Crab Island. We can strap up to 2 YOLO boards on to the side of your boat.

-FLOATING PADS- All our pontoon rental guests love our huge 18 X 6 floating pads. It's like a mini island of fun. These pads are rolled up and attached to the back or front of boat. They do not get in the way of your pontoon rental boat.-

-COOLER- we also have large coolers we can add to each pontoon rental boat- Coolers do not come with ice.

Check out our add ons below...

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