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The 12-months of Destin Florida

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

There are hundreds of websites, Youtube Channels, Instagram accounts, and Facebook groups dedicated to friendly chatter about Destin and the slue of beaches running along route 30A. Yet one question reigns supreme: "Is Destin nice in the [insert varying month]?".

So let's go through each month and talk about the weather and water conditions associated with each month.

January sees daily temperatures hovering around 61 degrees Fahrenheit, rarely dipping below 50 or exceeding 70. With sunsets being notably beautiful, January is one of the least active seasons, with tourism at a low. This is partially due to water temperatures at the low of 61-68 degrees. It is also overcast roughly 44% of the time during the month, so you will not get your traditional beach feel.

February is warmer by an average of 4 degrees, but still remains a chilly 61-65 degrees. Notably safe from tropical storms, February is not a good month for going into the water due to low temperatures. Good alternatives to going in the surf is reading on the beach, renting a pontoon, going on a fishing charter, and enjoying local shops and restaurants.

March is a gamble as to what weather to expect. Strong winds give the cool beach air a stinging chill that can bite through layers. The water is also too cold to enjoy. It also rains about 10-days out of the month. However, if there is a break from the wind, high temperatures fluctuate between 66 - 75 degrees which is quite balmy. And on the non-rainy days, the skies clear up and are bright and sunny.

April is one of two "recommended" months to visit Destin if you want gentle warmth from the sun, a mild and warm surf, and low crowds. Temperatures hover in the mid-70's to 80's and the water at a lovely 70 degree median. The air is warm and damp with a projected 9.8-day rainfall.

May is the second recommended month for travel. Warmer still than April, the waters rise to 72 - 79 degrees as the air heats to highs of 81 and lows of 60. May has the lowest predicted rainfall for the year, with 9 days of light rain the usual rainfall amount. This weather makes for ideal conditions for boating and paddle boarding through the crystal clear waters.

June welcomes the beginning of tropical storm season along the Emerald Coast. Though storms are more likely, the heat has started to turn up, reaching upwards of 89 degrees. The 11 days of predicted rain can cause spikes of humidity, however, it's more of the milder summer months. Water temperature hovers around 82 degrees.

July brings that summer heat and warm water that most beach-goers seek! With predicted temperatures of 78 - 87 degrees and water temperatures ranging from 82 - 88 degrees, the heat can feel inescapable. Beaches also are at maximum capacity. One of the best ways of getting privacy and a delightful breeze is to rent a pontoon, or some other yacht or boat charter, and set sail in privacy. But make sure your boat has cover with a predicted rainfall of 8 - 15 days.

August brings a welcomed dip in tourism but a spike in heat and humidity. With the average high of 90 made hotter by humidity levels, this is a very wet and rainy month. true tropical feel is suspended with the water vapor in the air. Water's maintain an 86-degree average, but with beaches beginning to feel a tad less busy, there is more room for activities.

September is the beginning of the cool down with a 3 degree dip to average at 87 degrees. Water temperatures also drop a bit, fluctuating around 81 - 84 degrees. This month is also the most active month of hurricane season for Destin so expect storms.

October temperatures and weather closely mirrors that of early spring. With reduced crowds, temperatures of around 80, and the water a lovely 78 degrees, you can't ask for better post-summer weather. Guests visiting this time of year go kayaking, rent pontoons, snorkel, and more.

November is the last month of hurricane season, with higher activity than other summer months. While water temperatures start to chill, dipping into the 70's, the air is still comparably warm to more northern states, also in the low 70's.

December brings the holidays to 30A and with it highs of 64 and lows of 48, the second coldest month behind January. Water temps are also comparable to January's at a frigid 67 degrees. This is not a month for splashing in the waves. Tourism is relatively non-existent. Your best activities would be walks along the beach in a warm coat and reading at a beachside pub.

From burning heat, waves of humidity to mild winds and chilled waters, Destin is an oasis for all kinds of tourists. For the snow birds avoiding crowds and salted roads, it is a haven to ride out the winter. For the sunburn chasing spring breaker, it is a tropical party of sugary white sands and blue-green waters. And now you have a guide to help choose which month to book your trip!

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