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Tritoons: A Superior Option

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Anyone who has ever attempted to book a boat for their vacation may have encountered the occasional tritoon rentals among the hundreds of standard pontoon's that are available. What is a tritoon? How does a tritoon differ from a pontoon? Is it worth choosing a tritoon over a pontoon? Let's talk about it!

First, tritoons are safer, faster, and more durable. Let's explain.

What exactly is a tritoon? Well, if you've seen a pontoon, you know it is a broad based boat that rests on two large metal tubes, known as logs. These logs help keep the boat very stable, excellent for larger parties on the water, as well as children as running back and forth does not rock the boat very much. However, a tritoon hosts not two, but three of these buoyant logs. This extra log increases stability even more.

A pontoon is really a lake boat for calm / glassy waters. Our waters can be calm and glassy, but usually they are a little more turbulent than lake waters. As a result, a pontoon can be dangerous. However, a tritoon is dramatically safer. Pontoon experts recommend tritoons for adventures due to their increased stability. The third log helps the boats stabilize and adapt to swells, currents, and winds. The third log also allows better durability to endure greater wave impacts before taking on damage.

With Florida weather being notoriously finicky, it's excellent to have a boat that can react to quick shifts in weather, and deliver you and your family to safety! A tritoon is a dramatically safer boat.

Tritoons also support higher horse power engines, such as 150 hp or 200 hp. Stronger engines make for faster transportation times around the water, better tubing experiences, and faster reaction times to other boaters and changing conditions.


Let me give you an example.

A typical pontoon boat is a 50 hp pontoon- These boats go about 15 mph.

A tritoon boat with the same horsepower will go about 3-5 mph faster because it has less surface area touching the water. The motor is able to push it through faster.

With 30a Pontoon Rental, you not only have tritoons instead of pontoons, you have 150 and 200 hp boats instead of 50 hp. This means it's a smoother, safer and much faster ride. A ride to crab island on a 150 hp tritoon will be 30 minutes faster than a ride on a 115 hp pontoon.

In Summary.

For both safety and recreational purposes, tritoons offer more consistent and reliable results! 30A Pontoon Rental only offers tritoons because we want to provide the best experience, both for safety and recreational purposes. To try out a tritoon for yourself, give us a call at (850) 220-6400, or visit

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