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Water Safety While in 30A

When planning a vacation, it can get easy getting caught up in planning all the fun things to do. It’s understandable; vacations are supposed to be fun. However, nothing ruins the fun faster than lack of safety leading to an accident. It only takes a small amount of forethought to ensure your vacation doesn’t get plagued by mishap with a few key items to prepare for and prevent.

Plan for the Heat

This sounds silly; but is truly fundamental. If you are not used to being out in the heat and sun, overexposure can happen quickly. Even if you don’t spend hours at the beach at a time, even just walking to a from stores can be overwhelming with the summer heat, sun, and humidity. Pack cool fabrics in light colors to combat the effects of the sun.

Stay Hydrated and Drink Responsibly

The beach was made for drinking… lots of water! Like our first point, the sun and water will quickly deplete your water reserves and dehydration hits hard. Drinking alcoholic beverages don’t help with this type of hydration, unfortunately, and can actually worsen the situation. Be sure to pack, and drink, plenty of water amid your adult drinks of choice.

Respect the Flags

At the entrance of every beach is a flag pole that will have coded flags. These flags are indicative of surf conditions and must be adhered to. Failure to follow flag rules can lead to fines, but worse, injury or death. Every beach also has a sign with the meaning of each flag, so it is inexcusable to not be informed.

Respect Marine Life

We all love seeing dolphins, sea turtles, manatees, and other aquatic animals that are native to our beautiful waters around Destin and 30A. MAny of these creatures swim up around Crab Island and the other bayside waters. However, just because you want to interact with them, does not mean that you should. It is a federal crime to touch manatees. Sea turtles can, and will, bite when provoked. Dolphins have been known to try to copulate with female swimmers. If you want to interact with sea life, we recommend you visit the Gulfarium where you can interact with these beautiful creatures under the watchful eyes of trained professionals.

Never Go Out Into the Water Alone

Swimming is not a solo sport. Tides and current can change and overcome even the most experienced swimmers. Establishing a buddy system, especially for children, can be incredibly beneficial. Children under the age of 16 should never be left at the beach unattended. Parents are responsible to ensure small children follow the rules of beach flags, and stay safe in the surf. Supervision is key; never assume your child knows how to navigate the waves.

Wear Bright Colored Swim Clothes

The beige movement among fashion is so cute and fun! We love to see individuals dress in what makes them feel comfortable and confident. However, lifeguards cannot see light/natural colored suits underneath water nearly as well as they can neons and other bright colors. Consider opting for bright, safe colors for small kids and inexperienced swimmers.

Watch for Fishing Lines

A fish hook to the foot ruins the day for everyone involved. It's important to know that fishermen are just as welcome to the beach as swimmers and sunbathers. While fishermen should be considerate of their fellow swimmers and avoid chumming for sharks, they are otherwise free to fish all they want. Note the direction the current has drawn their lines and avoid this area. Most fisherman know exactly where their bait and weights are, so if you are worried, just ask them.

SPF 30 or Up

This is obvious. Wear your sunscreen. You’ll still get that beautiful sunkissed look; just without the blisters and severe sunburn. You don’t know pain until you have sunburn that is swollen and covered in pus-filled blisters! Don’t forget to reapply either - you’ll thank us later.

This guide can help you plan and have a successful trip that is fun and safe! While you’re enjoying our beauitufl shores, check out and and see our amazing selection of luxury boat rentals!

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