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30a Pontoon Rental in Santa Rosa Beach offers 4 different Pontoon Rental Boating options.   

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150 hp Double Decker Pontoon With Water Slide
Pontoon Rental Santa Rosa Beach Pontoon

Why rent a  basic 23 foot, $20,000, 50 hp pontoon rental boat when you can rent a beautiful 28 foot, 150 hp, $95,000 premium, luxury double decker pontoon rental with slide.   This 8-12 passenger double decker tritoon pontoon rental is 28 feet long, has 150 hp, and comes with a water slide.  This is the nicest pontoon rental boat on the pontoon rental market.   Bring your friends, family, business associates, etc. and come have a blast on this double decker pontoon rental with water slide.  (ASK ABOUT CAPTAINED CHARTERS)

12 Passenger 150 hp Premium
Avalon 2021 model  
(photo not accurate, new model coming soon)

There is not another pontoon rental boat on the market like this.  30a Pontoon rental in Santa Rosa Beach is now offering a 28 foot, 8-12 passenger, 150 hp trioon.   This is 5 feet longer than the typical pontoon rental boat and has even more power than the typical 150 hp boat.  This 150 hp tritoon is an absolutely beautiful boat.    (ASK ABOUT CAPTAINED CHARTERS)

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30a Pontoon Rental offers pontoon rentals in santa rosa beach.  If you are on 30a and want a pontoon rental boat, we are only 10-20 minutes from Rosemary, Seaside, Grayton Beach, Alys Beach, Sandestin, Seaside, Rosemary, Etc.   We drive all the way to Destin or Panama City for a Pontoon rental boat when you can be on a 150 hp tritoon and get there faster.   30a Pontoon Rental offers the best pontoon rental boats on the market.  #pontoon #boatrental #santarosabeach #rosemarybeach #seaside #inletbeach #graytonbeach #crabsiland

30a Pontoon Rental

-28 foot as compared to 23 foot

150 hp as compared to 50 hp

-6 hours as compared to 4 hrs

-$85,000-$100,000 tritoons as compared to $25,000 pontoons.

200 hp available next Spring

Prices fluctuate with seasons and holidays.   Prices listed on booking page when you make reservation. 

30a Pontoon Rental GAS PRICES-
Each boat comes with a full tank of gas.  If gas prices go up from January 1, 2022 gas prices, there is a possibility of a fuel surcharge at the end of your rental. 




WEATHER - 30a Pontoon Rental /SRBPR strives to give our clients the best experience possible on the water. However, the panhandle is notorious for unexpected weather and things can change quickly and dramatically. 30a Pontoon Rental /SRBPR does our absolute best to inform you of developing weather patterns. However, it's challenging because the weather channels are not always accurate. If, at the beginning of the day, we see most of your day forecasted to be inclement weather (storms with high winds, lightning, etc) we may cancel your reservation. In the event, 30a Pontoon Rental /SRBPR do cancel, the customer may then choose between a refund or a credit. If there is significant inclement weather in your area (storms with high winds, lightning etc.) that develop during your event and we call you back to the dock canceling or cutting short your outing, you will be provided a partial credit. 30a Pontoon Rental /SRBPR does not cancel or offer refunds for rain showers that develop while on the water. If you choose to go out and it rains, you have accepted that risk.

RENTERS INSURANCE - There are times when the weather forecast is not accurate and winds change or rains increase unexpectedly.   In these circumstances, 30 Pontoon Rental does not refund any money.  This becomes the risk of the customer.   We encourage our renters to get RENTAL INSURANCE for these situations. 


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