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Moke Rentals on 30a? Golf Cart Rentals on 30a? Slingshot Rentals 30a? or Beach Buggy Rentals?

What makes the most sense? A golf cart rental on 30a? A moke rental on 30a? Slingshot Rental on 30a? or a Beach Buggy Rental on 30a? All such neat options with differing needs of differing folks.

Let's look at each of them

Moke Rentals 30a- A Moke Rental in 30a or the Destin area is a fun way to cruise around the area. THey are cute, fun, and happy. However, they are very limited. Moke Rental manufacturers will tell you they get 35 miles on a charge. The truth is, the Moke dealers warn you that this is not true. A typical moke will only get about 22-25 miles on an average charge. If a moke is stuck in slow traffic, it can be worse. What does that mean? 30a is approximately 24 miles long. So, if you decide to go from Gulf Place to Seaside, you likely won't make it back. Why risk not being able to drive somewhere and not have the ability to come back.

With a Beach Buggy rental they are gas powered. A Beach Buggy can go up and down 30a all day and not have to recharge. Actually, these Beach Buggies are 30 miles to the gallon. So, you can go up and all the way back down 30a plenty of times and not have to fill up.

GOLF CART RENTALS ON 30a- Many golf cart rentals on 30a are not officially street legal. Even street legal golf cart rentals are slow and are only allowed on certain roads. In many ways a slow golf cart can be dangerous as well. We've seen 10-12 cars backed up behind a golf cart with kids hanging off the back.

With a Beach Buggy rental everyone is secured inside the vehicle. It's as fast as a typical car. You can go anywhere a typical car can go.

The same is true with a Slingshot Rental. Slingshot rentals are a little limited only because Sandestin community does not allow them. Other than that, they are fabulous.

Check out these Beach Buggy Rental videos

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