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Slingshot Rentals on 30a!

Yes, we are expanding! Honestly, I realized I wanted to have some fun in life. That's what started the pontoon rental business. Then I realized, why not have some more fun! I had never even been in a slingshot, but thought they were the coolest vehicles ever. As a result, 30a Pontoon Rental decided to add them to our already cool line of fabulous boats. These slingshot rentals are going to be a blast.

When you are on vacation, you have to live a little. It's not every day you are going to get to do fun stuff. Why spend the money buying a slingshot, when you can rent one. Here is the cool thing. Renting one for a day isn't enough. If you are going to rent a slingshot, rent it for the entire week. Have fun ever day cruising around 30a.

Visit our website at or book here.

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