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The Famous Seaside Florida

Ever watched the movie The Truman Show. The concept of the Truman show was brilliant. Not to give away the movie, but the premise of the movie was the following. A producer / director in Hollywood had the idea to create a reality TV program where a boy / named TRUMAN was the main character. What was unique about The Truman Show is that Truman had no idea he was being filmed. EVERYONE in the the movie was a paid actress or actor. Everything in the movie was a set. So everything from his school as a boy to his office was nothing more than a prop on a large set of a movie scene. Even the sky, the water, the roads, etc. were all part of a large movie production.

To take it a step further, even his friends, parents, his wife, etc. were all CHARACTERS in the movie. #trumanshow

When the creators / writers of the movie had the concept for THE TRUMAN SHOW they needed a town or a set that appeared as if TRUMAN was living in a fake / paradise type world. Well, SEASIDE, FLORIDA was the perfect fit. Seaside is a small community about 1/2 mile long and 1/2 mile deep with cottage style homes, a downtown with retail stores, quaint restaurants, a cute post office, brick roads, beautifully landscaped atmosphere, etc. Everything about Seaside Florida feels as if you are in paradise. #thetrumanshow

The movie was a hit. Despite peoples feelings about Jim Carrey, it was possibly one of his best productions. It gave the world a taste of a completely different and very loveable character. #jimcarrey

The movie Truman Show was such a hit, people from miles came to see this beautiful picturesque community. It was one of many things that gave birth to the fabulous 30a area. Less than 20 years later 10-12 fabulous communities developed around Seaside including Inlet Beach, Rosemary Beach, Seacrest, Alys Beach, Seagrove, Watersound, Watercolor, Grayton Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Dune Allen, Gulf Place, etc. #30a

Seaside Florida is also known for it's adorable yet fun Airstream concession trailers that line 30a right on the brick lined sidewalk. These trailers are home to some fabulous grub including Frost Bites Shaved Ice, Barefoot BBQ and many others. #seasidefl

Seaside Florida is also home to some great restaurants including Bud and Alley's, The Shrimp Shack, Great Southern, etc. If you love burgers you have to stop at Pickles on 30a. #budandalleys #greatsouthern

You don't want to miss out on the stores in Seaside. Mercantile is a hit for many travelers as well as The Seaside Style, Cabana By the Seaside, Amavida Coffee, The Art of Seaside. #mercantile

Seaside is also convenient to Rosemary Beach, Seagrove, Seacrest, Alys Beach, Inlet Beach, Watercolor, Watersound, Grayton Beach and other surrounding beach communities. #watercolor

Seaside is definitely a romantic community and perfect for corporate events, bachelorette parties, etc. It's also kid friendly. The beaches are beautiful and it's close to outlet stores in Miramar Beach and the super popular Big Kahunas water park and The Track putt putt and go-kart track in Destin. #weddings #bachelorettes #familyfriendly

Love the water? 30a Pontoon Rental and 30a Yacht Charter are the closest pontoon rental companies to Seaside and offer the best pontoon rentals in the state of Florida. Unlike most pontoon rental companies that offer 23 foot 50 hp pontoons, 30a Pontoon Rental offers 28 foot 150 and 200 hp tritoons as well as double decker pontoon rentals with water slides. Plus, it's faster to get to Crab Island by pontoon rental boat than it is by car. In addition, 30a Pontoon Rental offers 6 and 9 hours pontoon rentals instead of 4 and 8. #pontoonrentals30a #pontoonrentalsdestin

Dads... want to go deep sea fishing? 30a Pontoon Rental and 30a Yacht Charters offers deep sea fishing adventures on a beautiful 47 foot fishing charter with air conditioned cabin. Nothing quite like it. #yachtcharters #yachtsdestin

Want to step it up an notch. 30a Yacht Charters offers vacationers an opportunity to cruise the Destin waters in luxury yacht charters. We offer 4, 6 and 8 hour charters for bachelorette parties, family gatherings, corporate events, weddings or any other venue. Check out

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